Smarter Than A Q-Tease returns this week to a new location, Dublins Restaurant and Lounge in Troy.  Take on our Q103 Q-Tease girls in pop culture trivia to win prizes and more.   If you would like to win, I've posted some questions to help your team. 


We're at a new location this week and from what I understand it's great place, the food is awesome and guaranteed to be lots of fun.

Dublins Restaurant and Lounge located at 121 4th street in Troy, near I love NY Pizza.   The trivia runs from 7p-9p and Rob Dawes is your host.

Three rounds of trivia 10 questions each with various point totals.  Whatever team has the most amount of points at the end of each round wins a nice little prize.  At the end whoever has the most points wins $20 gift certificate and some great prizes like concert tickets to Alter Bridge, Seether and Sully.

Bring your team and be ready to play against two of our fiercest competitors.   Stephanie & Jen.  Besides trying to match wits to see if you are smarter than them, they both are very cute to look at.  For those that are new to trivia this week at Dublins, the girls are nice to look at  - but NO touching!

On with the questions.

Question #1

"Soldier's Disease" which over 400,000 Civil War soldiers suffered from, is a term for an addiction to what?

Answer:  Morphine.  ahhh the old history question.  Where the heck does Rob get these from?
Question #2
Who was the first female hollywood star to be paid $1 million dollars for a single picture?

Answer:  Elizabeth Taylor.   There will be a bonus on this question, but I dont recall what it is... perhaps the name of the film.. so look it up!

Question #3

Which writer of horrific happenings was himself involved in a road accident while out walking?

Answer: Stephen King.  Love that guy - favorite book is Pet Semetary!
Question #4
What is the jackpot for Dumber than Zane Trivia on Thursday.

Answer:  $6000.  If you dont know this - you live under a rock!
Question #5
Who won last years Kentucky Derby?

Answer: Super Saver.   I lost this f$#*&#ing race last year!

So there they are 5 questions to make you feel better at least you'll know something - Although its a good idea to read thru the website, sometimes questions are taken from the pages.   As always whatever is on the green cards is correct.

Have fun and good luck!


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