Tonight is another night of Q103 trivia called Smarter Than A Q-Tease at Dublins in Troy from 7p-9p.  Rob Dawes hosts and your team gets to take on two Q103 Q-Tease in pop culture trivia to win prizes.  If you want some answers, keep on reading.


Dublins located at 121 4th street in Troy is home to the Q103 Smarter Than A Q-Tease trivia.  We play three rounds of trivia and the winning teams at the end of each round will win some prizes, like beer, appetizers, gift certificates and concert tickets or whatever we can steal out of our prize vault!

Rob Dawes is your host and tonight your team will play against Heather (sporty tease) and Nikki (tall tease).  Both are very capable of shattering your teams high expectations of kickin the girls butt in trivia.   Heather & Nikki both studied medicine and know all those tricky tough hard questions.  Heather is also a huge sports nut , so good luck getting any sports question by her.

Here are some questions that will be asked tonight and you will have the answers.

Question # 1

Who is headlining Q-RUPTION?

Answer:  Godsmack.   - With all the hype surrounding our summer rock festival you better know more than just the headliner!
Question #2

 Where was the Bay of Pigs whose invasion sparked a world crisis in the 60s?

Answer: Cuba  - for those of you who are younger than 40!

Question #3

What was the first planet to be discovered using the telescope, in 1781?

Answer: Uranus - Rob loves to say URANUS!

Question # 4

What book did E.B. White base on personal experiences at his farm in Maine?

Answer: Charlotte's Web - we all had to read that book in elementary school - do you actually remember the author? I bet Nikki would have known this answer!

So there you go.. a few questions you are guaranteed to get correct at trivia.  Have a great time and say hi to Rob for me.  He's probably too busy doing lines in the bathroom.


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