I'm not a fan of Christmas music- at all. Every year when it comes on the radio and I hear it everywhere I go, I groan and moan. It's old, corny and annoying, and basically just reinventions of all the classic holiday songs. However, there are a handful of songs that I do like, because they're originals as well as covers, but done by modern rock bands that put their own spin on the songs. Here are my top five unoriginal Christmas songs (not in any particular order).

All songs were featured on the Taste of Christmas album which came out in 2005. All tracks are sang by artists who toured on the Taste of Chaos tours.

"Merry Christmas (War is Over)"- Bert McCracken and The Street Drum Corps

This cover was originally done by the late John Lennon and his living wife Yoko Ono, and was first released in the early 70s. It was written in connection with the Vietnam War, but has since been covered a number of times and has appeared on many Christmas albums. Bert McCracken, front man of The Used, partnered up with friends the Street Drum Corps. for their version of the song.

"Jungle Bells"- Skindred

Rock/reggae group Skindred turned the classic tune "Jingle Bells" into their own crazy version renamed "Jungle Bells." These guys are insane and put on quite the energetic show that erupts the crowd in every city they perform. This song showcases their power, sound and uniqueness, while still staying true to Christmas.

"Christmas Evel"- Opiate for the Masses

Retired after 10 years together, Opiate for the Masses came up with their own song for the Taste of Christmas album. It's hard and fast with a hint of metal and so out of the typical realm of holiday music, which makes it awesome.

"Christmassacre"- From First to Last

From First to Last used to be one of my favorite bands, up until front man Sonny Moore left the band to pursue a solo career (which is going very well for him- he is known simply as Skrillex). However, while the band still had its original members they put together a very hard and heavy, and somewhat anti-Christmas song for the record (which includes Pete Wentz), and it's probably my favorite track out of all 18. WARNING: this song does contain explicit (but funny) content!

"Alone this Holiday"- The Used

Anyone who knows me knows my all-time favorite band is The Used, and I was psyched to hear that my man Bert had a double part in this album, solo and with the rest of his band. This song is more mellow and somber, and the lyrics are somewhat depressing, but are uplifted by the light and cheery music and voice of Bert. It sounds as though the person he left deserved it though! I would never leave Bert!- besides the Coop-man he is my number one man, legend and idol.

Christmas is only nine days away now...wow! Each year seems to go by faster, but the holidays are always a fun time to celebrate the year with friends and family. If you're not a fan of the cliche music, then check out these tracks, as well as the rest of the Taste of Christmas album.

What's your favorite Christmas/holiday tune?