We have seen various updates in the last few months on Toys R Us. This seems to be the saddest one of those out of the bunch.

A chain much like many others in the country struggling. Fighting to stay afloat due to the internet.Toys R Us is reportedly closing more than just a few stores as was previously reported. If the claims are true, Toys R Us will close all of its stores. The Capital Region is home to a few of those and they may soon go away.

I read the article Times Union posted about this topic and was instantly just flooded with memories of being a kid running around the location in Clifton Park. I remember begging my mom to buy me a huge pokemon card set. As hokey as that seems, for me as a kid then, this was huge and I will never forget that memory.

I really hope that something can happen to save the chain but it seems pretty bleak. Read more detail on the matter at the link below.