When it comes to a snowstorm the likes of what we should be getting, Some jobs don't have a choice and need to work. Plow truck drivers for instance. This is for them!

I used to work for the City of Troy but was never involved in plowing during a storm of this magnitude. I wonder if there are any workers who will volunteer for not just the overtime but free pizza too?

If you are indeed one of the people plowing in Lansingburgh, make sure to swing by Jimmy's Pizzeria. They are planning on being open for their normal hours even with smow-maggedon impending.

According to their facebook page free slices and coffee will be offered up to those who are out and working during the storm. The post says its a thank you for them keeping our roads safe to drive on. They may even take a seat in the warmth of the dining room for a break.

Way to go Jimmy's. Now I wonder if they will be delivering in this storm. I do live very close.

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