If you are trying to stay cool this summer in Troy you are going to need to make friends with someone with a pool or seek out alternative bodies of water to cool down in.


Looks like the number of public pools to seek some sweet relief from the heat in this summer will be down by at least 2 in the Capital Region. According to the Troy Record city officials have announced that the South Troy Pool and the Knickerbacker Pool in Lansingburgh will not be opening for the summer 2017 season.

The reason for  the decision all boils down to money. Apparently the pools have not been maintained very well over the years and require some costly repairs. Even if the repairs weren't a deciding factor it would still cost the city somewhere in the ballpark of $875,000 to get them ready for business and to staff for the season and it doesn't look like the pools are that high on the priority list for the city to spend that kind of dough. Even though there is a quite a bit more than a few upset city residents who want the city to open up the pools this summer.

What do you think? Are you bummed about this years closures?


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