The rules of what you CAN and CANNOT take on a plane via carry on and checked in baggage is out there for the public to read up on. Yet, still some people try to push their luck and sneak items on board. Some play dumb but in certain cases you can't; like trying to a gun on a plane (just saying).

As of November 1st, the TSA is on track to break the record number of guns found in luggage by the agencies agents. 1,531 guns has been found so far this year, as compared to the total for 2012 which was 1,527.

The TSA hasn't changes how they inspect luggage or any of their security measures. According to TSA press secretary Ross Feinstein:

Our procedures have not changed. It’s pretty well known that bringing a loaded weapon on a plane isn’t allowed. Most people who travel understand.

The information about the TSA finds is published weekly on their blog. Just last week 29 weapons were found and 27 of those were loaded.

So why do people think they can bring these items on board? Who knows, but people still try to sneak them through the security check point. It should be noted that if you are found to attempt to carry a weapon on board a plane you can be arrested.

(Passengers can end up) with a citation or in some cases is even arrested. The passenger can face a penalty as high as $7,500.00. -TSA Blog

So double check your bags, pockets, purses, etc before leaving the house to head to airport. Let's hope 2014 doesn't break 2013's record.

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