First Facebook wants me to buy virtual things for my friends - Now Twitter wants to allow me to purchase real items with a hashtag and my credit card?

American Express has announced a new partnership with Twitter that would allow users to purchase items by simply using a hashtag.

How does it work?

1. First AMEX users would need to allow to the option via the credit card company's website.

2. They must follow AMEX on Twitter, itself.

3. When users see a special offer from AMEX they tweet the special hashtag to make the purchase. Once the tweet is sent, the user has 15 minutes to confirm the purchase and then it is sent to their billing address.

What will be offered? Gift cards, Amazon Kindles, Cameras from Sony, items for Xbox 360, and more.

This is definitely a new way to use social media. Usually we see forced adds in our feeds, now you can actually sign up to see them (essentially), and use your social media account to make purchases.



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