Two Albany area teens have zero idea how to lay low, following a traffic stop Thursday. This story reminds me that I got away with a ton of stuff as a teen because I simply didn't draw attention to myself. 

Driving erratically up the Northway will certainly bring unwanted State Trooper attention to yourself, cue the bad boys theme song from Cops.

Following a traffic stop for said offense illegal metal knuckles were allegedly found on 18-year-old Nicholas Degni (4th degree criminal possession of a weapon). Degni's passenger, 19-year-old Ian Grossmann, was allegedly found possessing alcohol (Unlawful possession of alcohol). Tisk tisk fellas.

Both were released with appearance tickets and expected back in court for the above mentioned charges.

I remember doing all sorts of crazy stuff as a kid. Remember midnight bowling? We would go every Saturday night. And more than likely, we would all share some sort of alcoholic beverage. But we never, I repeat never, acted a fool. We knew what we were doing was wrong so we would chill.

Now listen, I'm not condoning underage drinking or possession of an illegal weapon, but listen fellas, if you're going to act a fool at least be smart about it. In other words, ditch your knuckles and rock your booze at home. It's apparent you have failed at acting stealth. No soup for you!