When it comes to New York as a state, we have so many amazing colleges. Many in New York City and a few of the great ones are right in the Capital Region.

I myself went to a trade school locally for Radio, one numerous DJ's in the area have. The New School for Radio and Television. It didn't qualify for this list as the list comprised by US News rates full blown colleges and universities.

When you think of the Capital Region and colleges, maybe 3-5 pop immediately into your head, right? Which ones do you think made the list of best in the state? Well, here you go.

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY
  • The University of Albany in Albany, NY

These are the two schools that cracked the list of best in New York from our area.

RPI is the one who is not only the 5th best in the state but the 49th best college in the entire country.