When you think about big-budget, blockbuster movies you obviously think about the bright lights and big city of Hollywood, but more and more movie studios are thinking about New York...and not just New York City.

The Capital Region has seen its share of movies and tv shows shot here. Everything from Angelina Jolie's Salt to Marvel's The Punisher, to John Krasinski's A Quiet Place has been filmed in New York. It looks like Hollywood is making a huge investment in making more movies in the Empire State with two large film production studios being built near Buffalo.

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Selfishly, this makes me very happy. My daughter is moving to Hollywood to go to school to become a special effects makeup artist. She wants to do gore and horror movie makeup. Of course, as a dad, I'm not crazy about my daughter living in the cesspool that is Los Angeles. So, if there was a bunch of movie work right here in New York maybe she could graduate from the Cinema Makeup School and then come back to New York to work. Hey....a Dad can dream, right?

Currently, the two films studios that are planning to open near Buffalo are Great Point studio that is being started by Hallmark Channel founder Robert Halmi and Fehmi Zeko and should be opening this fall. The other studio is Buffalo Studios, and they will be developing a 27-acre, $75 million film studio near South Park Avenue in Buffalo.

Buffalo Studios is also planning a partnership with the University at Buffalo to give students opportunities in the industry.


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