I never really get all that fired up. This, however, this made me all kinds of angry that someone would do this.

In fairness, any kind of theft is just reprehensible. The fact that you would back a beat up van in broad daylight to a donation dumpster to nab all of the bottles is horrible. The act occurred at the Volunteer Fire Department on Route 40 in Melrose. Honestly, these people burgled a total of maybe $30. That isn't a stat but just a guess from the amount shoved into the van on video.

The more offensive part is what these bottles help out with. The fire department at the end of the year uses these donated nickel backs towards kids having a breakfast with Santa Claus at Christmas time. The donations also go to help with recruitment efforts which for a volunteer unit is very important. Check out the video above for the full story and some video of the thieves.

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