Why did he do this? In protest of the fountain day cancellation. Oh and one more thing, he's 41 years old.


This is unbelievable. I knew that SUNY Albany students were upset over fountain day but I had no idea that their parents were this mad.  41 year old Christopher Schewe of Pittstown has chained himself to the UAlbany fountain in protest of the universities cancellation of the annual event.

His plan is to hunger strike and sleep in a tent near the fountain. How is he planning on taking care of going to the bathroom?  Oh just by wearing adult diapers.  What an idiot.  It says on the CBS 6 website that he is a full time student so maybe he doesn't have a job or a family.  If he does have a family I hope they are pissed at him for doing this.

I think this is the worst representation of our school you could possible have. He's just rambling. I've never seen him before in my entire life.

-Joseph Alicata (UAlbany sopomore)

Hopefully campus police, or city police of just some smart people get him to come to his senses.  Why does this 41 year old guy even care so much about fountain day?  My best guess is because he has nothing else to do.  This could also be a radio stunt set up Glenn Beck who broadcasts on a local talk station. The reason why I have my suspicions of this stunt is because why would this randomly demand an apology from Glenn Beck for his criticism of how the students acted during the parade.  It seems fishy.   This wouldn't surprise me either since Glenn Beck is a complete idiot attention seeker as well.

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