Seriously, why are we dragging our feet on this? Can we just make Uber in Upstate New York happen already?

Yesterday the ride sharing service Uber, which is not currently available to New Yorker's unless you happen to live in New York City, relaunched it's #NYNeedsUber campaign in an effort to pass legislation to expand in Upstate during the 2017 session.

Unfortunately Uber was unsuccessful in making some progression in bringing Uber to the rest of New York state during the last legislative session. So this time around they are taking it to the people and social media to get the word out. Saying in an email to New Yorker's who have downloaded the app:

Albany dysfunction and New York City special interests stood in the way last year - but we’re determined to fight until people like you have access to affordable, reliable transportation options.

The email went on to pointing out that

More than 1.5 million New Yorkers outside of NYC have Uber on their phones, but are unable to use it to request a ride upstate.

Which is crazy to me considering I have personally used the app in some places that you wouldn't expect to find Uber. A representative for the Upstate Transportation Authority told News10 that they’re not against ridesharing, but they have a few concerns about the public’s safety stating:

All taxi operators in Upstate New York – throughout New York State – require that background checks and fingerprinting of all drivers.

Apparently Uber is already doing this in New York City so if that's all that is holding things up let's get on this! Uber is urging Upstate New Yorker's to make their voices heard and have started an online petition to do just that which you can sign HERE.

Personally I think Uber has a lot to bring to the Capital Region not only does it create jobs but the cabbies (not all but a lot) around here tend to be pretty sketch city. I've got in cabs that reeked of marijuana, had people in the passenger seat, that stopped to pick up other riders without notifying me or asking if I was okay with it, and still charged me the same price!

Not only that but just think of all the DWI's the service could prevent with the convince of an app that gives you information on the driver with their and your whereabouts. Plus I live in the city and it would be super awesome to venture out with out having to loose my parking spot. For real though, #NYNeedsUber .