For their upcoming summer tour Motley Crue has decided to put their setlist in the hands of their fans.

This seems to be a growing trend with bands.  Many of them are now allowing fans to have a say in their setlist when they come out on tour.  Motley Crue is doing just this for their tour coming up this summer with Poison. I love the idea.  Let the fans pick their favorite tunes that way everyone is happy.  For the most part anyway, after all you can't please everyone.

So what would the ultimate Motley Crue setlist consist of?  In the official vote you can pick your favorite 15 from their vast collection of tunes.  But what if you could only pick out 3 songs?  You could pick an opening song, one in the middle and the closer.  They have so many good tunes it would be hard.  As a die hard Motley Crue fan I have a few in mind for sure.  So these are the three Crue songs that I would choose.

Opening Song: Shout at the Devil '97
I love the original 'Shout' but what they did in 1997 when they remade it was awesome.  They kicked things up a notch and added a crazy industrial sound to it making it sound a bit dirtier.  I would love to see them open the show to this one just like they did a few years back on the Carnival of Sins tour.

Middle Song: Live Wire
One of the original tunes, it hardly gets played anymore but I love it.  It's so fast and aggressive.  It would keep the crowd going, plus I just want to hear it live.  Is that selfish?  Maybe, but this is one of the Crue's best songs.

Closing Song: Home Sweet Home
I think there is only one option for a closer when it comes to Motley Crue.  Home Sweet Home is one that everyone loves.  The lighters go up and the crowd sings along.  Perfect ending to a perfect concert.

So that would be ultimate pick for Motley's setlist.  Voting has begun so go cast yours today here.  Who knows, maybe you'll even get to hear your picks when they come to SPAC this summer.