Massachusetts metal quar/quintet Unearth are giving their fans an awesome Fourth of July present- a new album! This will be the fifth full-length album release for the band, who have been together since 1998. It has been three years since their last release, so the new album will definitely be anticipated and well-received.

The new album, which will be released on July 5, will be titled Darkness in the Light. I love the oxymoron in the title, and it makes me wonder what the album will be like. Rumor is that it will be brutal though, so let's hope that rumor is a fact!

Darkness in the Light was produced by Killswitch Engage and Times of Grace guitarist Adam D., alongside KE member Justin Foley, who played the drums for the new record. He is solely the studio drummer for Unearth, so I'm not sure who will be their drummer on tour, but whoever it is will most likely be brutal as well.

The band have decided to give a taste of the new album to their fans. You can listen to "Eyes of Black" here, and hear what the album will sound and feel like. According to Noisecreep, frontman Trevor Phipps commented that it is his favorite song on the album, and that it will blow fans' minds:

We chose 'Eyes of Black' to be the first song heard out of the gate as we feel it represents the 'Unearth sound' and style perfectly and it's simply a hard-hitting, catchy-as-hell song, he said. The lyrics are also in line with many of the albums darker lyrical themes. I'm not speaking for all of the band, but this is my personal favorite on the album and I can't wait to get out there and play it live!

Here is the track listing for Darkness in the Light:

01. Watch It Burn
02. Ruination of the Lost
03. Shadows in the Light
04. Eyes of Black
05. Last Wish
06. Arise the War Cry
07. Equinox
08. Coming of the Dark
09. The Fallen
10. Overcome
11. Disillusion

'Darkness in the Light' is without a doubt some of the heaviest, most dynamic and memorable tunes we've ever written, said vocalist Trevor Phipps in a statement. The disc is littered with the shred n' stomp-filled songs our fans would expect from us, as well as some added vocal hooks, guitar melodies, guitar solos, and some different paths taken in style and structure. We knew we had to continue to separate ourselves from the pack and to cement our place in the heavy metal world as one of the leaders and not as one of the many followers that seem to hop on the trend wagon and give up so easily when the going gets hard. We are here to stay, and collectively we couldn't be any more fired up to play these songs around the world for our fans, new and old.

I can't wait for the new album! I love not knowing what a new album will sound like, and then having my mind blown by new, but familiar sounds. With the new album comes touring (including their spot with the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival), and you can view that information here.

Are you an Unearth fan? Are you eagerly awaiting the new album?


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