Another one bites the dust....maybe.

GameStop announced that 180 to 200 stores that are not performing up to par will be closing.  Now, in the Capital Region, we’ve got a few locations.  From Colonie Center to Troy to Rensselaer, there are a number of spots for the well-known gaming store here.  Will we see any of them go?  It remains to be seen.

According to an article by, the announcement for the shut-downs was made earlier this week.  The company has already closed 195 stores since last year, and now 180-200 more are closing.  The lots of stores being closed hasn’t been released it looks like, so I’m not sure of we’ll see any of the Capital Region locations go. To me, it’s always a shame to see stores close, because that’s jobs being lost.  So here’s to hoping we aren’t impacted.

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