In case you haven't heard ... the Capital Region is supposed to get some snow this weekend.

This weekend the Capital Region is expected to get our first significant snowfall of 2019. Forecasters predictions have varied greatly over the last week. At this point I think most of them agree that we should e getting at least a foot of snow but could be as much as two feet! The most common prediction for the Albany area seems to be 18 to 24 inches although some of those have been changing to 12 to 18 inches.

Either way it appears we are going to get some sort of accumulation as this storm has pretty much been sweeping across the country. Early this morning we did get enough snow to coat the ground but it seemed to be far less than the 1 to 3 inches they were predicting.

The BIG snow is supposed to start midday tomorrow (Saturday) and go through midday Sunday. Not only is it going to dump heavy snow on us but one of my favorite headlines also stated that it is going to come with gusty wind and arctic cold. Were talking into the negatives. Great. This weekend might be a good one to just post up at home and watch it come down.

Meteorologists however, have been known to not always be the most accurate so who knows we could be getting a whole lot of nothing. Do you think we'll be getting as much snow as they are saying? Make your predictions in the comments!

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