The US State Department has ordered the immediate evacuation of all non-emergency personnel from Egypt.

As the conflict in Egypt worsens the evacuation of American citizens is becoming critical.  Protesters are showing no mercy and hurting anyone that is standing in their way.  The United States State Department has ordered the prompt evacuation of any non-emergency US personnel.

The situation over there is pretty bad right now.  Things have escalated since the beginning of the protests that started up on January 25th.  The citizens want the current Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarack, to leave his position of power as they are calling him corrupt.  The protests were all organized via facebook and twitter.  Shortly after they began the Egyptian Government shut down the internet in Cairo only making people more angry.  Things have gotten out of control.  Now an Islamist regime called The Muslim Brotherhood,  is backing the tech savvy protesters.   President Obama is figuring out what kind of aid to send over to Egypt which already the second largest recipient of US aid behind Israel.