It's always awesome to see an old building renovated and restored instead of ripped down. In Schenectady that is exactly what is happening.

This is even more of a feel-good story beyond that as well. Rick Mangino is the owner of the new restaurant and he has a lot of experience. Beyond just learning from years of cooking Mangino also has learned from previous generations in his father and grandfather. That is a good thing seeing as his family owns a pretty prominent restaurant on Saratoga Lake.

Mangino always dreamed of having his own restaurant though, now he does. Mangino Gourmet Market will be opening early next year. It's a deli/bistro that will be specializing in the greatest quality food that won't break the bank. So all of your typical deli things and even the deserts and dressings that are served at his families Mangino's Ristorante.

Mangino's Gourmet Market will be located on the corner of Eastern and Prospect in Schenectady, will you go there when it opens early next year?