February 14 is just around the corner, literally.  Just in case any of you guys, or girls, are still scrambling for gift ideas here are a few tips.


So here you sit the weekend before Valentines Day.  You are still without a gift for that significant other and want to escape the norm.  Here is a tip, the norm exists for a reason.  It works.  The key to Valentines Day is to not go over the top.  Be creative, but also go gentle on your wallet.  Sometimes a simple genuine gift is the best gift of all, so keep that in mind.  For those of you who want to break the bank, there are a few tips in here for you too.

The element of surprise is always a winner, especially surprising your lady at her work.  She may say it embarrasses her, but secretly she loves the attention given to her by you and the rest of the envious women around.  So look for deals on flowers and gifts online.  I like the sites, FromYouFlowers.com and ProFlowers.com.  You can always find great ideas there and it ranges from flowers to chocolates to little stuffed animals.  Just remember guys, no matter how old she is, she loves a stuffed animal. The other old standard is chocolates, just watch out your not getting a bunch of duds. And just like with the flowers watch out for all the over priced stuff.  You can never go wrong with something from Russell Stover.

Say you want to kick the candy up a notch.  Go with some chocolate covered strawberries.  This is perfect for both guys and girls.  This is one you may want to wait until the day of to get.  Make sure to order ahead if you have to because these usually go pretty quick.  Want to save some cash?  You can make these yourself.  Grab some strawberries and some milk chocolate, or if you want to make them a bit more decadent for V-Day try some dark chocolate.  Here is an easy recipe you can try.

A couple other great ideas for Valentines Day are also things you an do out or at home.  Dinner and a movie.  Simple, to the point and something you will both enjoy.  You can head out, spend some dollars on a nice meal, then go see the latest romantic comedy (yes guys, suck it up this time you'll get to see that action flick next time) and you'll both have a great time.  You could also try and make a nice meal at home and rent one of his or her favorite movies.  Homemade is always a winner because it comes from the heart.  Girls and guys are both impressed when someone cooks them a meal.  Plus you can save money on the outrageous price of movies tickets by doing the movie night at home.

Those of you guys who are feeling lucky and are comfortable picking out some sexy lingerie for your special lady, go for it. Recent polls show that of all the holidays, women love to get sexy sleepwear on Valentines Day.  So if you know your ladies style, or hell, you just see something hot that you want to see her in this is the perfect time to go for it.  She'll love it because she will feel beautiful and you'll love it for, well, you know.  If you really feel like going over the top, book yourself a romantic hotel suite and lay it out on the bed for her.  I guess you could do this at your own home to, but breaking the bank will be ok this time.  If you can afford it go all out.  Champagne, Roses, Chocolates, it all works and all together works very well.  So go enjoy this Valentines Day, unless you're taking the ridiculous stance of Marc Rudov and boycotting the holiday all together.

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