I have openly said, I will complain when it is 10 degrees and then also cry and moan over 90 degree days too. That actually isn't the basis to my rant this time.

Now, most people are just happy they can finally break out their shorts and polo shirts and walk out of the house without a sweatshirt on. Trust me, I love that the weather is appropriate for that. Where I am very upset is the fact that the weather has been either very beautiful and hot or raining.

Hear me out, this all stems back to the fact that my lawn is overgrown.. I am not catching a break when it comes to breaking out my beat up lawn mower and spending 3 hours trimming the grass. This weekend, I was like yeah, 3-day weekend. Three chances to cut the lawn. Hell I thought I could even do a little bit each day. Yesterday was too hot to sit in the sun cutting the lawn for a few hours.

Today it is raining.

This weather needs to cut me slack as I have the worst looking lawn on my block. COME ON!!!!

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