This is literally a reality.. You can get a check from the Green Mountain State to sit on your rear end and work from home, you just have to move there.

Maybe it is the fact they are trying to capitalize on so many New Yorkers being upset with the Empire State or as many of you call it the Vampire State. If that is the real reason, their governor is very smart.

That actually is not the reason though, reason? Well, Vermont has a population that is getting old. Their population is diminishing and they want to add people back to it. Now, in fairness. I would love to work from Vermont. I however have a feeling this could not be a reality for me. Maybe it can for you. Do you have a job where you could or already do work from home without effect on quality of work? Then it is for you.

Think about this, waking up and seeing foggy beautiful October mountains in the distance as you sip your favorite coffee. Then think about sitting down with the TV on in the background doing work on the computer. Sound amazing right? Oh by the way, an easily earned $10,000 dollars would be rewarded to you for the effort.

Would you do this?