It's Veterans Day, and I am always conflicted about how to go about celebrating, so I consulted the History Channel on YouTube for answers.

Informative, but I am still conflicted, because the way I like to celebrate holidays, is by watching a holiday appropriate themed movie. I feel that watching a "War Movie" contradicts the point of the holiday, because, how does reminding a veterans about the horrors of war, honor them?

According to the video, the original point of the holiday, was to mark the anniversary of the end of a war, but it turned into a day, in which we honor veterans for their service. So is reminding ourselves of their service, honoring them?

The History Channel, adds to dilemma, because of all the cool documentaries they will probably be airing today: "WWII in HD," "Vietnam in HD," "The World at War," and all the Hitler documentaries.

I could think about this all day, but I think that words of my father, whom is a Vietnam Vet, really puts everything having to do with Veterans, puts everything into perspective, because according to my dad "Every day is Veterans Day, now go mow the lawn."


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