So in the news this week, we're seeing reports that Dr. Anthony Fauci is suggesting we wear one than one mask to protect us from mutant strains of the virus.

For nearly a year, we have been social distancing, wearing masks, washing and sanitizing our hands until they're dried and cracked. We've stayed home, sacrificed our jobs, lives, and relationships to flatten the curve, and now after all that, we're supposed to throw another mask on our face?

According to WebMD, you should wear a high-quality surgical mask or fabric mask with at least two layers, and then put another one on top of that. Why don't we just wrap our heads like mummies, then put a mask on top of that. Apparently, there is also a three-layer mask that is also recommended.

I'm all about keeping myself and others safe, and I have done my part during all this pandemic nonsense. But at what point do we just say no. I'm wearing a mask when I'm out and I'm washing and sanitizing and keeping my distance, it shouldn't matter how many masks I have on, as long as I'm wearing one. Maybe instead of another stimulus check, they can just send every American a gas mask and call it a day.

Dr. Fauci is saying it's common sense that an additional layer would be more effective. Well, yeah, but how many layers should we wear? My face is hot enough with one mask.

How many masks are you wear? What's your limit?

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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