A few years ago my daughter was sick and I had to go to Walgreens to pick up a prescription. While I was waiting at the drive-thru I remembered that I also need some Tylenol and asked the pharmacy tech if I could buy some at the drive-thru. Initially, she said she wasn't supposed to sell other items at the window, but she'd do it because my sick daughter was in the car and didn't want her spreading germs in the store. As I was leaving I said they should really do that all the time. Well, now in the midst of a health crisis Walgreens is doing exactly that.

According to the Walgreens website here's how the new drive-thru shopping service works.

Here's how it works: Pull up and ask for a menu of shoppable items, including household goods, cough/cold, and pain relief, grocery items, baby formula, and medical supplies. Tell us your order (no need to preorder or leave your car), and we'll assemble it and get you on your way. Please note that products are subject to availability and quantities may be limited. Substitutions may also be offered.

This service is being offered at most, in not all, Walgreens around the Capital Region. For all the details and to check to make sure your local Walgreens is participating go to the Walgreens website.

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