They didn't hold anything back in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.  The biggest secrets are revealed and values and beliefs are shattered in an instant. 


What an episode last night.  Those of you who were whining, yes whining, for more action got your wish last night.  In true Walking Dead fashion the biggest twist of the episode, and maybe even this season (at least the first part) came in the final minutes of the episode.  It was such a well written part that it kept my mind racing through the night.

Everything opens up with Glen revealing to everyone that the barn is full of walkers, which makes everyone panic particularly Shane who wants to go in with guns and wipe them all out.  Rick knows that he needs to talk to Hershel first before they take an action, so that's what he goes to do.  In the meantime, Shane wants someone to take watch duty at the barn just in case something were to happen.


So Rick goes to talk to Hershel, which once again leads them no where because Hershel refuses to hear anyone out.  It's weighing heavily on Maggie who wants Ricks party to remain there because after being attacked in the last episode, she knows how bad it really is out there.  Hershel doesn't believe that the two groups can live together and wants them gone by the end of the week.  After hearing Maggie's plea to let them stay (her feelings for Glen having a lot to do with that) he decides to show Rick how things are done.

The search for Sophia continues and even though he is still injured Daryl decides he needs to keep looking for her.  Carol is starting to realize that this search may be in vein, news which Daryl doesn't like.  He takes her for a walk along where he found Sophia's trail and another flower was blooming, giving him hope that she will be found.

We also have a big confrontation between Shane and Dale because Dale knows that something isn't right about the night that Otis was killed, and he suspects (or knows) that Shane is responsible.  He wants to take all the guns and hide them in the swamps surrounding Hershel's farm.  Proving once again that he is unstable he pretty much tells Dale to shoot him, which Dale does not.


The big twist of the night comes when Shane snaps.  Hershel takes Rick into the woods to help bring a couple trapped walkers to his barn.  Shane sees Rick coming back and freaks.  He runs to them and shoots one of the walkers, dropping Hershel to his knees, his hope or beliefs fading after that.  Then Shane decides to arm the group and open the barn.

Out of the barn comes over a dozen hungry walkers which they proceed to pick off.  Once the dust settles, one walker remains and it's Sophia.  Somewhere along the way she had been turned.  Everyone is in disbelief.  This is what separates Shane and Rick.  When it comes down to it, Rick is the one who needs to end it.  He shoots Sophia ending a long emotional journey in the worst possible way.

Now we have to wait for February 12th to come before we get more Walking Dead.  Last night solidified to me that this is for sure the best thing on TV right now.  The long wait will be worth it because when it comes back, it's going to be just as good.

Get a sneak peak at the next episode here on the AMC website.

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