Season 2 of the AMC show, The Walking Dead, World Beyond, premiered over the weekend and if you happened to catch it perhaps some of the scenes looked familiar. Not just because the zombies remind you of some of your co-workers, it's because we get glimpses of Albany, Dunn Memorial Bridge and Ithaca during the 60 minute episode.

Much of Season 2, the final season, was filmed through out the state of Virginia but according to Walking Dead Fandom, Albany and Ithaca were written into the script of the episode called "Konsekans", Haitian Creole which means "Aftermath" or "Consequences".

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The Walking Dead World Beyond

Ithaca, New York

  • Writers suggest that Ithaca will be a good place to establish a community and build a research facility following the zombie apocalypse.
The Walking Dead World Beyond

Dunn Memorial Bridge

  • One of the characters on the show plots an escape from Albany by crossing Dunn Memorial Bridge.
The Walking Dead World Beyond

Albany, New York

  • Our Capital City has looked better but considering it's a Zombie Apocalypse, it doesn't look too bad. Check out Empire Plaza featuring The Egg covered in moss, or something.

I love the skyline of Albany with it's futuristic grandeur and some of the most unique architecture I have ever seen. It reminded me of something you'd see in Star Wars or older yet, Logan's Run.

The Walking Dead World Beyond

The Walking Dead television franchise is based on the comic book series with the same name and kicked off in 2010. The show is still going strong and now has a few spinoffs, including The Walking Dead World Beyond. New episodes can be seen each Sunday evening at 10pm on AMC.

The Walking Dead World Beyond

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