Just when you thought things couldn't get more complicated and out of control, they do times 1,000.  This weeks Walking Dead not only continued with the new problems they face, but once again open up even more. 


We have quickly figured out that now that they have been pushed, Rick and Hershel can in fact do what needs to be done.  Though they still, well Rick anyway, has a strong moral obligation to society.

We open up right where we left off, with Rick, Glenn and Hershel in the bar.  They think it's smooth sailing but turns out those thugs had friends who are just as dangerous.  A gun fight breaks out and things get a crazy.  Hershel is a new guy.  He's not afraid to fight, and ends up saving Glenn's life.  Of course all the gun fire, and blood, has attracted walkers to the town, which is no doubt now unsafe thanks to all the dead bodies.  One of the idiots they are fighting jumps off the roof of a building in an attempt to get away along with the rest of his party, but he lands on a fence.  His team leave shim behind while a ton of walkers start to take to the town, but Rick can't leave him.

We also catch up with Laurie, who is unconscious and upside down while walkers are attempting to break into her car.  She doesn't scream, she doesn't panic, she gets the job done and takes down both walkers.  Does she turn around and go back to the farm though?  Nah, she continues to go get Rick at night, what an idiot.  I still think the accident made her lose the baby, but we'll have to wait and find out.


So Shane goes to get Laurie, and once she's back they get into it because he believes the baby and her are still his.  She even calls him out for being a liar.  He hasn't snapped yet, but it's only a matter of time before he tries to kill Rick.  The sad part is, it looks like he has some people on his side.  Andrea and T-Dog subscribe to Shane's way of thinking, which could make them dangerous too.

Hershel's family isn't use to him being gone, and they are basically mad at him for leaving, wah.  When it' all over it turns out Glenn can't handle love, and Rick will protect what is rightfully his.  In this case, Laurie and the baby.  Watch out Shane.  Though personally, I wish that Shane would just go be crazy somewhere else, because he is just becoming annoying.

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