When I was a kid all of the bags at the grocery store were brown paper bags. We had so many that my sister and I would make book covers out of them and had more than enough left over. Somewhere along the way the question was asked "paper or plastic"? Now you might not have any choice as most bags are being phased out at this retail giant.

Walmart has a goal to become a zero-waste company and bags are part of that. What does this mean for the New York State locations?

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According to Progressive Grocer, Walmart will start to phase out singe-use bags at their New York locations beginning Wednesday January 18th. That means when you checkout you won't have any bags to put your items in. No plastic, no paper, nothing disposable.

Walmart indicates that bags will continue to be used as needed for raw meats, proteins, produce, and chemicals to ensure food safety and prevent cross contamination. Best piece of advice? Bring your own bags or buy the ones available in the store.

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