If you're ever driving near the intersection of Route 9 and Guideboard Road in Halfmoon, you may notice the amazing aroma of barbecue often fills the air.

That's the smell of some of the best damn bbq around. Rollin' Smoke on Guideboard Road in Halfmoon is being discovered by more and more people everyday and they're growing quickly.

Yes, it smells great, but the taste will knock you out. Seriously. I've been there. Numerous times. Each time is better than the last. It's the real deal, they smoke and grill everything on the spot. If you could bottle up the bbq smell from Rollin' Smoke and wear it as a cologne, I'd be the first to buy it.

Anyway, it's not a commercial for Rollin' Smoke (no, I'm not being paid, I'm just a fan), but they are looking to staff up. In a Facebook post, the owners say they're looking to bring on some part-time help. Hours vary, but they say the days when they need people are Thursday through Saturday.

They expect a very busy spring and summer, not just with the restaurant, but also with catering gigs around the area.

They're looking to hire a couple people with valid drivers licenses who can handle 'a little bit of everything' that comes their way. Want to apply? The owners say you can shoot them a message on Facebook or just stop in and they'll be happy to talk to you.

No word on benefits, but one would hope a couple meals would be thrown in here and there. The smoked mac and cheese is the greatest thing ever.

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