2Pac, Eminem and Biggie Smalls…some of the most famous rappers in the world. 2Pec? Not so much. At least definitely not famous enough to try something that he tried recently. 
Wannabe rapper Terry Peck, aka 2Pec, racked up an impressive $621 bill at a seafood restaurant recently, but did not want to pay up when the bill came. So he devised a plan to act like his meal and swim away from the bill…literally!

The meal consisted of lobster, oyster shooters, baby octopus and beer. Peck's excuse for swimming away was that he had a friend on the beach that was giving birth. Right.

Police were called and had to pull him out of the water, where he was arrested for the theft and assaulting a police officer. Peck has been banned from the restaurant for life.

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