How many times have you heard this? "Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I've already had the coronavirus...I was sick for like a week in January so I'm pretty sure I've had it." I bet I've heard that at least a dozen times from co-workers, friends, and family.

Would you like to know once and for all if you really have coronavirus antibodies floating around in your blood, possibly protecting you from ever getting sick from the virus again? Well, here your chance to find out, and do something good for others.

The American Red Cross is offering free testing for the coronavirus antibodies on all donated blood, plasma, and platelets. The testing is absolutely free and the results are known in about 10 days. When it comes to the results, no news is good news. The American Red Cross will only contact you if your donation tests positive for antibodies. In addition, if you do test positive they will contact you to discuss options to donate plasma as a possible treatment for the coronavirus.

Antibody tests, also known as serology tests, are blood tests that look for proteins that have developed in response to specific infections, like the ones developed from the coronavirus.

Currently, the American Red Cross is in desperate need of doners because donations are way down due to concerns about the coronavirus. Hopefully, this free antibody testing will encourage more donors.  They are even offering more incentives like a free $5 Amazon gift card if you donate blood.

I have personally made one donation post coronavirus outbreak in April and I'll be available to make another donation soon. I can tell you this, the American Red Cross has always made the health and safety of their doners and staff a priority, but now it's even more extreme. So, if you have any fears about "catching" the virus while donating, you can lay those aside and donate with confidence.

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