Well, here’s another aspect of the government shutdown that has hit New York.

Some New Yorkers have gotten their February food stamps early in fear that the food stamp program will run out of money due to the continued shutdown.  According to a post on newyorkupstate.com, Onondaga County residents got their EBT cards refilled early.  They are not receiving extra benefits, or another payout in February, rather just receiving the benefits now.  According to the post, most New Yorkers have actually received their benefits early.

The US Department of Agriculture has had to adjust budget work and use an obscure provision to provide some funds for foodstamps.  With this provision, according to the post, payout was to be done by January 20th.  While so much of the shutdown has seem distant to me as I don’t work directly in federal job, this one hits close to home as I do know people on foodstamps and in my healthcare world have worked with many people on foodstamps.  It’s pretty fearful to think what kind of implications there can be eventually if this shutdown continues. Have you been hit by the shutdown?