Now that WWE Monday Night Raw has come and gone to the Times Union Center, it is time for things to go back to normal on my blog. So here is some lady getting hit in the head a Cubs/Pirates game. 


We don't want to learn about how Albany, NY is a part of WWE history, but we love laughing at the misery of others. This woman had to be carried out of the game on a stretcher after getting hit in the back of the head with a ball.

There was a delay of game, now that is not funny.

People paid allot of money to see this game and this lady is holding everything up, because she was not paying attention.

If it were a wrestling match, she would of gotten back up, because it's fake. There would be no delay. But they may of used a stretcher, a fake stretcher.

The real moral of this story is; Is a Cubs vs Pirates game really worth it?

Only if they were real Bear Cubs and real Pirates.



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