The American black bear is a beautiful animal that you could encounter while hiking the woods of New York State from April until they go into hibernation around October. You probably have a better chance of spotting a black bear in your yard or a local dumpster but have you ever seen a bear in a car?

Watch the video below of a black bear in Ulster County that ended up inside someone's vehicle. What would you do? They called 911!

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation offers several tips as to what to do if you encounter a black bear. The first thing you should do is stay calm. Next walk slowly away from the bear if you can. If you have anything handy that would help create loud noises, do that. Yell, clap hands, etc.

I couldn't find advice on what to do if a black bear enters your vehicle. The DEC shared a video of a black bear that entered a vehicle in the town of Hurley, NY. Officers responded and found the big guy inside of a Honda CRV. York State DEC York State DEC

As you can see from the picture above, officers have tied a strap to the release handle of the vehicles hatch. The plan was to pull the handle to open the door and set the bear free.

The smell of food is most likely what drew the bear to the enter the vehicle but then he was trapped. DEC officers report that the bear appeared to be unharmed but the Honda suffered heavy damage.

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