That quick 10 minute storm sure managed to do some damage over here at the Q studios...

Thankfully the technology we have today is able to warn us well in advance when a storm is going to be blowing through town and although we knew it was coming it sure was intense and pretty quick as far as storms go.

Looking out the studio window we could see those dark ominous clouds off in the distance so we decided to head outside and snap a pic of the crazy sky which was half sunny and beautiful and half dark and grey. Before we knew it the winds were picking up and the rain started falling so we headed back inside where within minutes the lights flickered. If were were anywhere else we would be without power but since we are equipped for situations such as this the backup generator flipped on and it's business as usual.

Since we were good to go we decided to head to the garage to film some of the storm which actually seemed to pass pretty quickly. However, unbeknownst to us while we were watching the storm out back wind and lightning were striking out front! Somehow the storm managed to uproot a tree in front of our building and knock it down on the road and onto some power lines! You can check out some of our footage below. Also, be prepared because even though it sunny now it looks like another wave is expected to roll through a little later on this evening!