Before you watch how Real Booty Music is made I should warn you, do not look directly into the booty. 

This is TwerkQueen Louise, and that plumb bouncing thing you see with sensors attached is her booty. A team has decided to create a project called Real Booty Music in which the booty itself would be the musician. Yes, the future is here and this is where we've come as a society.

Each bounce the bum takes signals the sensors to trigger a sample in the computer. I assume the faster the shake and the harder the twerk the difference in the sound it triggers. I also think if you really assume I watched this video to figure out the science behind this booty shake music then you, dumb. I pressed play and accidentally looked directly into the tushey and for some uncontrollable reason could not turn away. This booty shaking video is my gift and curse to you. Enjoy!


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