I was wondering which one of the Capita Regions Police Department was going to bust out their dance moves first.

For the last several months Police Departments all across the country have been challenging each other to a Lip Sync Challenge. Basically it is just the officers listening to some tunes and showing off their (bad) dance moves. Some of the videos have taken on a bigger meaning but mostly it is all for the fun of it.

It's been awhile but finally the first Police Department in the Capital Region answered the challenge when the Saratoga County Sheriffs Department posted their video to YouTube last week.

Personally I think they could have picked a slightly more rockin' tune to bust out those dance moves to but there are plenty of other PD's in the Capital Region that can step up and bring the rock to the challenge. It is nice however, to see the boys having a bit of fun.

Your move Albany, Colonie, Glens Falls, Troy, Guilderland, Schenectady, Bethlehem ...

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