In retrospect I probably should have waited out the storm and ventured out on Sunday but Saturday was for the diehards.

While I was hoping the rain this weekend would hold off so the weather on Saturday could be just as beautiful as it was on Friday to make for optimal tulip viewing weather ... this was not the case. Nope the storm came in full force and it literally rained all day on Saturday.

However, the 69th Annual Albany Tulip Festival was going on rain or shine and since I couldn't sit in the house anymore and there was flowers, food, drinks, crafts, and live music just a few blocks away I made the decision to put on my snow boots (that I have yet to put away) bust out my poncho and dance among the tulips!

While it was definitely wet I gotta tell you the poncho came in clutch (shout out to my mother for knowing this fact and gifting me my very own) I managed to stay relatively dry the entire day. Even though I may have looked a bit ridiculous I was very thankful to now be a big chunk of the attendees who came ill-prepared. Which actually ended up being a big source of my entertainment for the day.

Let's be real here everyone knew it was going to rain all weekend. Why would you want to show up to a mud fest  in white shorts and flip flops?  Or, something I saw a lot of, showing up in expensive almost formal wear that you know is absolutely ruined now. But, hey maybe that's the price they were willing to pay for local crafts, live music, and tulips?

Overall it was a lot of fun even with rain and everyone seemed to be having themselves a god time and trust when I say there were definitely some dedicated festival goers out there in the rain even if the tulips were a little worse for wear.

Did you make it out to Tulip Fest this weekend??


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