Well I had no clue this was a thing in Albany.  But now I'm excited about it!

Scrolling through events for the summer, I stumbled upon 'Retro Video Game Night' posted on Albany.com, happening every Thursday.  According to Albany.com, it's hosted by The City Beer Hall (42 Howard Street) in Albany.  I have to say, the list of games posted is phenomenal, and two hours each Thursday (it goes from 8-10pm) does NOT seem like enough.

The list of games almost seems endless, from 'Battletoads' to 'Zelda', with everything from 'Super Mario Bros' to 'Kirby Super Star' and 'Mortal Kombat' thrown in there.  Two screens are available to play on, and apparently it's free to play (though the drinks aren't).  This sounds like the perfect summer activity to me, aside from live music.  As a video game nerd, you can count me in.  Get all the info and list of games here!