So many grocery stores have delivery services, that's nothing new. Yet somehow the one grocery store the Capital Region wants gets the shaft again!!!

I have been to Wegman's just once in my life, it was easily the best grocery store I have ever been to. Even though the store is getting a new cool service. It still sucks to not see them expand into the area. I mean, there is one just two and a half hours away. But that seems a little far to go for a loaf of bread.

According to,the supermarket has teamed with a San Francisco based company called Instacart. With the new service I began wondering, hmmmm. How far would the store deliver? Well not far enough. you must live in their delivery area which does not include the Capital Region.

On a side note, I have heard many stories as to why Wegman's isn't in the area. Why do you believe they aren't? I think they would do well. Is it because we have so many supermarket chains to begin with?


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