Today is the first day of fall, and despite it still being summery weather the season of changing leaves is ready to kick off.  This is my favorite season for a number of reasons so lets take a look at the best things that fall has to offer.


At the beginning of summer the warm weather is refreshing, but by the middle of August we are tired of being hot and usually jonesing for some football.  Thankfully fall is right around the corner, and today just happens to be the first day of the season.  It brings cooler weather, beautiful landscapes and some awesome seasonal food.


Upstate NY has a better grasp on fall than I think most other places.  The North Eastern part of the USA in general gets to enjoy this season more so than other places.  A lot of local places in the area serve up some great fall flair.  One of the best fall places around is Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont.

These guys are open all the time, but fall for sure is the best for them.  They make their own apple cider which they sell locally, plus if you have never sunk your teeth into one of their fresh apple cider donuts you are missing out.  I grew up not to far from there, so it was a frequent stop for me.  If you go in your must buys are at least 6 apple cider donuts, some of their fresh picked apples (or you could pick some of them yourself) and the fresh jams and jellies.  I'll be surprised if this doesn't become a regular stop for you.


Pumpkin ale is one of my favorite drinks of the fall season, and local Upstate, NY brewery Matt Brewing Company breaks out the Saranac Pumpkin Ale this month and I can't wait to grab a 6 pack.  If you haven't tried this particular brand of Pumpkin Ale then you are missing out.  The stuff is made right in the heart of the Adirondaks and is delicious.

Unlike other pumpkin ales, this one is rather refreshing and not to heavy.  They don't just have pumpkin ale this time of the year, but they also have their 12 beers a falling variety pack which includes, among others, the pumpkin ale, caramel porter and their October fest brew.  So this fall kick back, and enjoy some of the best local beer that Upstate, NY has to offer.


If you're just looking to relax and enjoy the view then I suggest hitting up the lookout at Thatcher Park.  It's calm and relaxing and one of the most beautiful spots in the Albany area.  I could spend hours looking out at the amazing scenery that you can spot from there.  Just park your car, get out, and enjoy.

There are so many awesome things to do in the Albany area when it comes to fall, so get outside and do them.  Don't just sit around and let the season pass you by, because you'll regret it.

If you are looking for something in particular to do with yourself, your significant other of family there is a full list of fall events on

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