This debate could go on forever.  There are so many "cool" things in this world, how do you choose?  We have decided to let you guys pick it in an epic battle.

How can you decide what is the coolest thing ever?  Men have dies fighting over this information.  We aren't sure, but we are pretty sure that's how WWII started, but don't quote us on that one.  While sitting in the studio one day, Rob Dawes, Dalton and myself were going over what we thought were the coolest things ever.  A lot of things came to mind.

Rob thought boobs were the coolest, while I thought that ninjas were the best.  Dalton was all torn between pro wrestling and zombies.  Obviously we needed help figuring this out.  So how would we do it?  Our first thought was a gladiator style battle to the death, but the compnay frowned upon that.  So how to decide?  How about a bracket?  It's March, there's a certain amount of madness.  A bracket would be perfect.

So vote on what you think is the coolest thing ever right now.  Help us decide what is better, beer, or explosions.  We can't do it alone.  So check out the bracket and cast your vote.