Who doesn't love to hate.  And we asked, and you definitely answered.  What are the worst types of Halloween candies.  We all know, there's a ridiculous variety of treats you can get on Halloween, and some amazing goodies.  But there's always that one house that totally disappointed during trick-or-treating, or that one candy you question why it even exists.  Here are some of the candies that you guys chose as the WORST!

  • Candy Corn: there were a LOT of haters out there for candy corn! (I also know a lot of people who love it, so you know, I'm going to say that's a split vote).  But really, SO many of you hate candy corn!! It was called waxy, gross, and a lot more.  I won't disagree- it is 'waxy.'  Sometimes when you eat too much, it gets gross real fast.  The concept of a candy shaped like a vegetable or grain- also kind of weird.  But there's one thing that's not up for debate- with all of the responses, you definitely think candy corn is the worst.
  • Necco Wafers: I completely agree. Who eats these?!
  • Circus Peanuts: Someone also called them 'those nasty orange rubbery peanut candies'.  Perfect description
  • Fruit: There were a good amount of responses for fruit, apples, and raisins.  Who wants any of that when you can have candy!
  • Black Licorice: yup. thanks no thanks