What is with all the flakes? It’s National Cereal Day!

My favorite cereal is Cracklin Oat Bran but it’s like $4.00 for a small box that people (including myself) can’t keep their hands out of. Maybe it is just me and every person that I have ever tempted with a box of Cracklin Oat Bran, but it must be the most addictive cereal in the history of cereals.

When I was a kid, I experienced many cereals, most of them based on Saturday Morning Cartoons. I talked a lot about this in the “Legend of Saturday Morning” episode of the The Generation X Files podcast, available on iTunes and Google Play Music.

My favorite cereal as a kid before I discovered Cracklin' Oat Bran was Count Chocula because of the awesome chocolate marshmallows and the fact that it turned the milk at the bottom of the bowl into a greater chocolate milk then Cocoa Puffs and Cocoa Pebbles.

When it comes to cereal with marshmallows in it, everyone’s favorite is Lucky Charms but I think that Lucky Charms are overrated.

One thing that I am always curious about is this: If I save all the marshmallows and eat the all of the actual cereal before I eat the marshmallows, is that a symptom of a personality disorder?

Is it wrong to want to enjoy the marshmallows on their own?

I’ve tried combining the cereal and the marshmallows as I eat the cereal but then I get nervous that I will be left with just the cereal and no marshmallows.

I do enjoy a good fruity cereal from time to time and it gives me a tickle to say that I am drinking fruity milk. I do not like it when there is real fruit in my cereal because I feel that the milk makes the fruit too cold and I have an issue with biting into cold things.

As for all of the healthy cereals, I am glad that they exist but let’s face it, when you’re trying to pretend that your Grape Nuts taste good you’re probably thinking about a kids cereal.

Let us all celebrate National Cereal Day because it’s the only thing that Michigan has going for it.

On a side note: Give Will Keith Kellogg a google, the truth about your breakfast is actually kind of disturbing.

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