Madonna wants you to vote for Hillary and she is willing to perform oral sex on you if you do, I want you to vote for one of the five girls to be our Rock Girl 2017! Find out what I will do if you vote!

If you vote for one of the five remaining girls tomorrow, October 21st 2017, I will come to your house and play video games with you and if you have any beer, nachos, or chicken wings I will eat them for you.

I must warn you: I am very good at NHL, Madden and Soul Caliber, I am terrible at first person shooters but I am entertaining when I play them because I provide commentary.I have not played the new WWE game so if you have that, I would like to play and I call Nakamura. I am kind of good at Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter but I am really good at Soul Caliber, I am better at Hockey then I am Madden.

There is no way i can find out who is voting, or where they live so you're going to have to tell me that you voted and that you want me to come over to your place and play video games with you.

With that in mind, how is Madonna going to know who voted for Hillary?