While traveling home yesterday, I noticed a lot of police cars up ahead with their lights on, a large flatbed oversize truck, and two smaller pick-ups. I wasn't sure what was going on but I wound up behind them. I saw that there were four New York State Trooper cars surrounding the flatbed and cutting off traffic to allow the oversized vehicle to go through red lights and intersections safely.

Behind Mysterious disk

I apologize for the grainy picture below. I was trying to zoom in so someone that sees this may be able to tell me what it is. As you can tell, the disk is very large spilling over into the two lanes of Route 9 heading north. I guess when you need four troopers to escort you, it's either for safety or national security.

what is this mysterious disk?

They were traveling up Route 9. I caught up with them near the Cohoes dump and realized that the flatbed was carrying a large disk-like object. Honestly, it looked like the top of a UFO that you would see in sci-fi movies from the 1960s. I assumed it was something they were using in a construction project somewhere in Clifton Park. But maybe someone knows exactly what it is.

Trooper follows behind

I am hoping that someone in the construction field or even one of these New York State Troopers can reveal what exactly I saw yesterday traveling north on Route 9 in Halfmoon. If not, I guess it will remain a mystery. If I don't find out, I will conjure up the story that a UFO landed somewhere in Latham and they are taking it to a secure facility in the North Country to investigate.

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