Those damn traffic circles. Sure they're (usually) easy to get through in cars, but navigating a tractor trailer or, in this case, a tanker truck carrying thousands of gallons of water, that's a different story.

Shortly before 11 on Wednesday morning, a water tanker flipped on its side going through one of the fifty roundabouts in Round Lake near the Round Lake bypass.

The truck, which was delivering pool water from Dalmation Water, flipped onto its side while driving through the roundabout. The passenger's side of the cab was crushed and there was some damage to the tanker itself. From the photos it's clear that some liquid spilled out into the road, though not clear how much. It looks like most of the water remained contained in the tanker. Some liquid can be seen in the area of the cab, it's not clear if that was water, gas, oil or some kind of engine fluid. Hoses can also be seen attached to the roof of the tanker, likely to empty the remaining water before turning it back over.

Luckily, nobody was hurt. The Round Lake Fire Department and Saratoga County Sheriff's office were on the scene to re-route traffic as the truck was turned back onto its wheels before it got towed away. Roads were closed for a couple hours as crews worked to move the truck and clean up the scene. It was reopened to traffic around noon.

Nice job Round Lake FD and Saratoga County Sheriff's in taking care of what could have been a big disaster. If this were some kind of fuel spill, this could have been really bad.

Water Tanker Flips Over on Route 9 in Round Lake

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