New York lawmakers get back to work January 8th and their agenda is full of all kinds of issues that will be outlines at Gov. Cuomo's State of the State address.

Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the key issues the governor and state lawmakers say they want to address in the new year according to

Legalizing marijuana

Lawmakers tried last year to pass legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, but they fell short. They did however decriminalize pot last year so that was the first step. This year it looks like they have a very good chance this will pass.

New gun laws

The Governor is looking to expand gun laws in several ways including preventing individuals from obtaining a New York gun license if they committed a serious crime in another state.

Ban on vaping products

Lawmakers are still looking at banning all vaping advertising that is aimed at teens and they want the health department to regulate what's in vape products.

Those are the big "hot button" issues that are on the agenda right now. There are others like Medicaid costs, the opioid crisis and voting and election well as others.

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